Remember this post? Well, we returned to the same pumpkin patch this year with all the “Bistline” siblings. We’re looking forward to many more years of pumpkins, corn mazes, hay rides, decorating fall cookies, and fun with friends and family!


{ Lexie rockin’ the shades }


{ newlyweds :) }


{ hay ride }


{ hay ride }


{ “balls! balls!” – Silas }


{ our favorite niece }


{ “balls…” – Silas }


{ mommy and daughter giggling }


{ hay ride }


The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, pumpkin spice lattes are brewing at Starbucks, and cute BOOTS are on sale again! Can you tell I love fall? Silas, who is now walking, and I took a stroll the other day and got nice and muddy in the puddles and grass. He laughed hysterically when the leaves fell around him. I can’t wait to throw him in a whole pile of them!

Every stage of Silas’ development has been my favorite. Being his parent just keeps getting better and better! Don’t get me wrong – it’s challenging. From a tiny infant he began to display signs of his sinful nature. We didn’t have to show him how to disobey, to hit, to fight over a toy, to whine. Oh no, he figured that out all by himself. Proverbs says that “foolishness is bound in the heart of a child.” Some days all I do is train, train, train. And when I don’t see results, my dear friends and family remind me that the results are in God’s hands. All He calls me to do is be faithful – faithful in loving, nurturing and training my son the way God’s called me to.

I saw an article the other day about how to get your toddler to go to bed without struggling and fighting. I’ve never had this particular issue with Silas, but I realized last night that I was the one who dreaded bedtime. With footy pajamas on, his blanket in hand, and his head on my shoulder, I snuggled with him on my lap, singing his goodnight songs. David came in to put him in his crib and pray over him just like he’s done every night since the day Silas was born. But I didn’t want it to be bedtime just yet. Every morning he wakes up a little taller, a little smarter, a little older. People say they (kids) grow up too fast. BOY is that the truth! Knowing that makes me even more determined to make every day count. We don’t get do-overs with parenting. So let’s be purposeful, prayerful and intentional about loving, nurturing, and training our kids every single day.


{ gotta chase the kitty }


{ still chasing the kitty }


{ got him! silly kitty }


{ mimi (he calls me mimi), my bum is wet! }


Remember in my post “Couples Weekend” when I said our college friends and we wanted to go to a water park but had to change our plans? Well now that the cat is out of the bag, I can finally say why! Hmm…or maybe I’ll just show you :)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of capturing photos for their exciting announcement…

{ baby due April 2014 }


{ baby is the size of a lime }

{ congrats, ashley and luke! }


Last October, we traveled to Iowa to visit our college friends, Seth and Melanie. Here is one of the blogs from that trip. This year, they met us “half way” in Chicago.

We stayed in a cute little town called Libertyville, which is north of Chicago, and commuted via the ‘L’ train to the city. Once we figured out the confusing public transportation, we visited Millennium Park, walked around Navy Pier, and viewed the city on a boat tour.

Hopefully our next visit with them will consist of VooDoo Donuts and lots and lots of rain. PORTLAND!


{ on the ferris wheel, looking over downtown Chicago }


{ ferris wheel at navy pier }


{ bus ride. Silas rockin’ the no shoes! }


{ Silas loved the train ride to and from downtown. He looked out the window and said, “tree, tree, tree!” }


{ my dad took us to an amazing little French restaurant }


{ the ‘bean’ in Millennium Park }


{ downtown Chicago }


Last weekend, David and I went away for a mini vacation with our college friends, Ashley and Lukas, while Silas spent some quality time with his aunt (thanks, Libby!). A trip to a water theme park was our original plan, but after learning some very exciting news (hee hee hee), we opted to stick to the city. We walked around the town, went to a zoo/aquarium, enjoyed a lobster dinner together, watched Star Trek in the theaters (again!), and made some unforgettable memories while laughing so hard our sides hurt!

During one of the last scenes in Star Trek, Ashley whispers this gem to Lukas:


{ yes, yes indeed}


{ a sign in our hotel }


{ fishy fish fish at the zoo}


{ baby tiger cub at the zoo }


{ shark at the zoo }


{ playing with the stingrays at the zoo }


{ baby  jaguar cub at the zoo }


{ bffs! }


{ also bffs, but with benefits :) }


{ lukas and alshey…and polar bear }

It’s hard to believe September is just a few short weeks away. Our summer of fun is coming to an end, but not before another weekend at the beach house and a trip to Chicago to see our good friends. Then…FALL! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, cute boots, and crunchy leaves.